831. Israel (Misael)8 Durand (Cyriac7, Joseph Ambroise6, Joseph5, Pierre4, Louis3, Louis2, Jean Durand1 dit Lafortune) was born in Saint-felix-de-valois [joliett, Que 2 Aug 1853. Israel died 1 Nov 1926 in Putnam, Ct, at 73 years of age.

He married Emelie Robert in Saint-jean-de-matha [joliette], Que, 17 May 1875. Emelie was born in St. Berthielieu, Canada 9 Nov 1856. Emelie was the daughter of Nazaire Robert and Julie Remillard. Emelie died 26 Nov 1932 in Putnam, Ct, at 76 years of age.

Israel (Misael) Durand and Emelie Robert had the following children:

child + 1498 i. Marie-Anne9 Durand.

child + 1499 ii. Omer Durand.

child + 1500 iii. Jean (Ti-Jean) Durand was born 1876.

child 1501 iv. Joseph-Israel-maximilien Durand was born in Saint-jean-de-matha [joliette], Que 1877. Joseph-Israel-maximilien died 1878 in Saint-jean-de-matha [joliette], Que, at 1 year of age.

child + 1502 v. Emery Durand was born 1879.

child + 1503 vi. Emilien Durand was born 1880.

child 1504 vii. Joseph-Raoul Durand was born in Joliette, Que. 1882. Joseph-Raoul died 1882 in Joliette, Que., at less than one year of age.

child + 1505 viii. Benoni Durand was born 7 Jun 1883.

child + 1506 ix. Denis Durand was born Apr 1885.

child 1507 x. Martial Durand was born in Saint-jean-de-matha [joliette], Que 1888. Martial died in Chicago, Il. He married Catherine Mcpharson in Angelterre.

child + 1508 xi. Philippe Durand was born 1890.

child 1509 xii. Marie-Louise-helene Durand was born in Saint-jean-de-matha [joliette], Que 1891. Marie-Louise-helene died 1893 in Saint-jean-de-matha [joliette], Que, at 2 years of age.

child 1510 xiii. Marie-Henriette-bernadette Durand was born in Saint-jean-de-matha [joliette], Que 1892. Marie-Henriette-bernadette died 1896 in Saint-jean-de-matha [joliette], Que, at 4 years of age.

child 1511 xiv. Edmond Durand was born in Saint-jean-de-matha [joliette], Que 1894. Edmond died in Hartford, Ct. He married Valeda Fournier in U.s.a..

child 1512 xv. Joseph-Arsene Durand was born in Saint-jean-de-matha [joliette], Que 1895. Joseph-Arsene died in Saint-jean-de-matha [joliette], Que.

child 1513 xvi. William (Ti-Re) Durand was born in U.s.a. 1897. He married Anita Cole in Putnam, Ct.

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